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Guest Post: Why Renewable Energy is Important for the Environment

October 31, 2012 by  
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renewable energyRenewable energy is becoming a must for many nations as their insatiable thirst for fuel continues to grow. However, beyond the need to fill the human races’ demand for energy, renewable energy is also critical to the survival of the planet. Now more than ever we all need to understand the importance of renewable energy sources for the environment.

The Coal Curse

Dirty fuel sources such as coal-burning still account for the large majority of the electricity supplied to many countries in the world and this dumps huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. This greenhouse gas is considered the major contributor to the global climate issues we’re seeing today. The reliance on coal is due to it being easy to access and it comes at a very low price. Unfortunately, the economical benefits of coal are at odds with the health of the environment and the health of the human race for that matter. Renewable energy sources will rid the planet of the coal curse once and for all and create a cleaner world for everyone to enjoy. 

Future Survival

Because the world has been so slow to embrace renewable energy sources the state of the environment is poor to say the least. Renewable energy can be tapped quickly and relatively easily, which is yet another reason why it’s so important to the planet’s future survival – it must be and needs to be implemented on a large scale now. Several experts agree that we have tapped only a minute amount of the renewable energy available to us today, and if only we could utilise but a fraction of the sun’s energy then the energy needs of the entire planet could be met several times over. Solar energy is of course but one source of the many renewable options available to man today, wind power is growing in popularity and water is being studied closely too.

Self-sustaining Solution

There are of course many challenges to be overcome when it comes to renewable energy sources, none the least of which is reliability and implementation costs. Solar can be problematic in certain weather conditions, and what of wind energy during still periods? The key is to embrace multiple options that will literally sustain the entire environmentally friendly solution itself. The cost burden of introducing entire new systems is challenging, but with continual research and development, these areas will improve. Of course the economic cost must be borne at some point if the future of the planet is to be bright.

Renewable energy is so important for the environment that its very survival is seemingly dependant upon it. Not only that, the world’s entire population is dependant on renewable energy for its growing demand: non-renewable sources will run out. What will happen if we don’t choose green power? The planet and its future generations will be exposed to extreme conditions that could lead to increased environmental catastrophes and extremely difficult living conditions at best. Contact your local representatives today and demand renewable energy policies for the future.

Author Bio : Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Supplies, the on-line store for Designer Bathrooms. You can follow him on twitter @usef4u

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