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Harvesting and Storage

September 14, 2012 by  
Filed under Allotments & Gardens, Home & Garden

apple storage rackThis time of year can bring a lot of gluts in the fruit and vegetable garden.  I’m usually inundated with apples, courgettes and potatoes.  Some of those need suitable containers for storage and some need processing before they can be put away for leaner times.

This apple storage rack is a handsome piece as well as serving a very practical purpose. It’s designed for storing fruit and vegetables, particularly apples and pears. It can also double up as a wine rack once you’ve eaten all your fruit.  The apple storage rack is handmade in the UK from beech and consists of 10 slatted storage shelves which slide into a beech case as at £280 it’s an investment, but it should give many years of service. Click here for more information on other types of shelving.

Store apples, potatoes and other storable produce in these attractive vintage boxes.  They are rustic, wooden crates salvaged from France and they’re priced at £22 each.

If you have one or more apple trees with heavy crops, you might want to consider turning some of your crop into juice.  It’s easy to freeze this way and you can enjoy your apples throughout the year.  This traditional cast iron apple press is made with sustainable oak. The cage has capacity for 24lbs of crushed apples which are pressed by turning the handle. This forces the juice out between the oak staves. Once all the juice has been pressed, the oak cage can be removed and the apple waste added to your compost heap.  Again it’s an investment purchase at £285, but it looks sturdy enough to last.


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