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Homewares From The White Approach

October 15, 2012 by  
Filed under Decor & Interiors, Home & Garden

The White Approach have some very pretty, vintage homewares on their site at the moment.  They have a knack for finding attractive, older pieces and bringing them to a new and appreciative home.

This pink pyrex dish and lid set is a case in point.  Pale pink in colour with a delicate snowflake motif on the sides, it would look wonderful in the right home with the right style of kitchen. A pyrex dish with a lid on can be very useful as there’s no need to cover a dish with foil when cooking and you can transfer leftovers straight to the fridge.  It’s priced at £13.50.

If Art Deco is your thing, you’ll love this Art Deco glass teaset.  It’s got some very pleasing lines and that distinctive, unmistakable deco shape.  The stepped detailing of the design is repeated on the handles, cups and saucers of this pale green, glass set.  It’s priced at £24.50 for a set of six cups and six saucers.

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