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Hot News! New Eco Childrens’s Book, just launched!

November 5, 2009 by  
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hope bookNew eco children’s book  Hope & The Super Green Highway just out – the perfect stocking filler!
From the talented ecopoet and children’s author Helen Moore comes the second in her HOPE stories for children – HOPE & THE SUPER GREEN HIGHWAY, sequel to the hugely popular Hope & The Magic Martian, which my daughter had the pleasure of reading and reviewing.

This beautifully illustrated, delightful tale weaves an imaginative story around evocative facts about Nature with the web-surfing lifestyle of today’s children, combining to give children a passion for the environment and hope for the future whilst nurturing their creativity, as well as placing the story and characters in the very real world we live in.
The story gives a glimpse of how life could be when fuel is rationed and the cost of food reflects the miles it’s travelled.

The story is ideal for children aged 8 to 12.

The Book: When 10 year old Hope finds a stowaway from the Costa Rican rainforests lurking in her bananas, it sparks an internet connection with a boy there who is searching for the Golden Toad. 

Through him she’s inspired to help the woodland creatures on her own doorstep, who are trapped by roads and affected by climate change, triggering a vision for a Super Green Highway that soon begins to take shape….

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