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How Much Does a New Boiler Cost

November 7, 2012 by  
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As soon as you know you’re going to need a new boiler, lots of questions will undoubtedly come into your mind. However one of the first ones to occur to lots of people is this: “How much does a new boiler cost?

Which make of boiler will you buy?

In truth the answer depends on the type of boiler you buy and who you get to install it. Different makes of boiler typically come at different prices, but while the cheapest ones can be bought for upwards of £500 or so, they may not be the best ones to use. Surveys have indicated that Worcester and Vaillant are among the best quality boiler makers on the market today. These typically have fewer problems and are the best made boilers around. Of course you never can be sure you won’t have any problems at all, but if you can keep them to a minimum it will be worth spending a little more to start with.

So in short, you can get a new boiler for less than £1,000. However you then have to add in the cost of installing it as well. The rule of thumb here is that smaller companies – including qualified individuals working locally to you – will always be cheaper than the big name companies you see on television.

What are you asking your boiler to do?

Another point to consider is what your boiler needs to do for your home. A good example here is to think about a small one bedroom property with, say, six radiators, compared to a larger four bedroom property with ten radiators and two bathrooms. Clearly the latter is going to need a more powerful boiler than the former, so you must bear this in mind as well. It would be unreasonable to expect the cheapest boiler to be powerful enough to cope with the second situation, whereas it might be perfectly fine in the first one.

As you can see it is wise to get advice from a local boiler engineer if you can. You also need to get quotations from several sources before spending the money on your new boiler, because prices can vary widely. It all depends on the make, type and size of the new boiler, and the charges added for installation.

So while there is no easy answer, this information should lead you to the best boiler for your own needs.


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