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How to be Green in the Kitchen

November 19, 2012 by  
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Whether you are wanting to construct a new environmentally friendly kitchen or just trying to be greener in your existing kitchen there are quite a lot of things you can do. I’m just going to talk about a few of them:

Use High Quality Materials

If you are remodelling your kitchen or just looking to replace some things in the kitchen you have it’s definitely worth looking at using high quality materials. It may seem like quite an expense to get granite kitchen worktops or high quality kitchen cabinets but it will save you money in the long run. Not only will they last much much longer than cheaper alternatives, they are also much likely to end up in landfill.

Buy High Quality Cookware

Similarly with cookware you should look out for higher quality materials. Utensils that will last for years will save money and hassle and be more pleasurable to use. Cheap wooden spoons are likely to rot after not too long and cheap plastic utensils will melt if you leave them on or near the stove. Never buy cheap pots and pans. High quality stainless steel or cast iron ones will last years or even decades.


When you buy new appliances always look out for the energy efficient options, even if they cost a little more money. Keep them well maintained to keep them working for as long as possible and when the time comes don’t just discard them, there are plenty of charities who will take fixable appliances.

You should try not to keep the fridge door open for longer than necessary and unplug all appliances whenever possible. Using low temperatures on your dishwasher and washing machine are also great ways to save energy and you should only ever do a wash with a full load. Energy saving light bulbs in the kitchen and throughout the home can also be a really good energy saver.

Food Shopping

When you do your food shopping it’s always a good idea to take a shopping list and stick to it. If you go without a plan you can easily get carried away and up spending more money than you need to and wasting food. Try to avoid wrapped fruit and vegetables where at all possible and go for organic if it’s available. If you can afford it, buying in bulk can save money in the long run. Take shopping bags with you so you don’t need the plastic carrier bags. If you absolutely must use plastic bags, hold on to them and use them again.



It is very easy to waste energy when cooking but equally easy to save energy if you plan ahead and think about what you are doing. Where you can try and cook more than one thing at a time in the oven and consider cooking some meals in advance in order to save energy in the long run. Make sure you use the correct sized pans on the stove and if you are making a hot drink only boil enough water in the kettle for what you need. Boiling four cups of water when you only need one is just a waste of time and energy. Microwaves and pressure cookers are great ways to cook as they conserve a lot of energy.

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