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How to convince your new partner to go green

July 29, 2012 by  
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If you are environmentally conscious it can be difficult to imagine living any other way. You might take steps to be green for moral, economic or conservation reasons. But what can you do if you’ve just started a relationship and your new partner is less enthused?

Beginning a relationship is an exciting and challenging process. It may be that you only just got to grips with how to date online with before you met a great partner online. Or, on the other hand, mutual friends have got you together and you assume you’ll both share the same values.

But, despite clicking in other areas, are you struggling to bite your tongue when your partner throws recyclables into the rubbish, or leaves the light on when they go out? How can you bring your new lover round to your point of view?


1. Show them the benefits of being green

Don’t lecture your partner, but explain to them why environmental responsibility is so important to you. Whether it’s household waste sites that really get you irritated, or the effects of global warming on developing countries, they may not have considered the long term effects of wasting resources.


2. Make it fun

Could you share a green activity to increase your partner’s enthusiasm for being green? Grow your own veg, share lifts with friends or have a romantic low tech evening by candle light instead of relying on carbon-guzzling technological gadgets such as the television or stereo.


3. Get technical 

Going green could involve researching and buying some new energy efficient gadgets or cutting down on using those more humdrum electrical items. For example, you could save pounds just by dodging the iron. Saving time and money is popular with everyone.


4. Take a low energy holiday

Staycations aren’t just for saving cash. If you choose wisely you can enjoy a trip away within the UK which is low on emissions as well. On a green trip to Cornwall you could:


  • Surf: a way to embrace nature without creating emissions
  • Walk: see stunning coastline and take your own packed lunch
  • Sightsee: learn more about saving the planet at the Eden Project


According to Transport Direct, travelling from London to Newquay by coach is the greenest option, with carbon emissions of 12.9kg. If you take a plane, this distance would use 74kg.


Wherever you are in the UK, whether it’s Northern Ireland or London, there are always great green destinations to see. If your relationship started by going on a date in Belfast through, for example, Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland offers a range of green activities in the area.


5. Improve the commute

Convince your partner to go green on the way to work.  Many employers offer interest free train travel or cycle loans. By cycling to work they could save a bundle on petrol and gym membership.

Winning your partner round to green living needn’t be a struggle if you use your imagination.


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