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How to make foam plant markers

July 9, 2012 by  
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These fun yet practical markers are great for getting kids interested in gardening. They can help make them and then use them to mark where seeds have been planted. We have shown tomato, carrot and corn but this idea can be used for any other fruit or vegetable too.

Below is a great tutorial provided by The Foam Company who offer foam cut to any size.

You will need:

3 x lollipop sticks




Black biro or felt tip

Foam sheets in various colours

Step 1

foam shapesWith a pencil, draw the shapes as shown and then cut out.

Step 2

foam shapesTake some green foam and cut out the shapes shown.

Step 3

foam shapesGlue the green foam shapes onto the vegetable shapes.

Step 4

foam shapesUse biro to add more detail to your vegetables.

Step 5

foam shapesGlue your finished vegetables onto lollipop sticks.


This tutorial was brought to you by the The Foam Company the foam specialists who are family owned and have been provided people with foam for over 40 years.

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