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Interior Ideas from Emily Maude

Emily Maude specialises in producing quirky, distinctive ceramics, homewares, cards and pictures in her studio in Brighton.  Many of her designs feature her individual style of line drawing, which add a vintage feel to her creations.

This Boozy Rabbit picture is such fun. Each one is created using a mix of vintage beer mats, old solicitors letters and shipping forecast books making each Boozy Bunny picture totally unique.  They’re mounted in an obeche wood box frame, which measures19 x 13.5 cm and each one is signed and editioned by the artist.  They’re priced at £65.

This Kitchenalia Plate has a real 1950′s vibe about it.  It’s very decorative, so could be used as a display piece or when serving afternoon tea with cakes or scones.  I love the drawing style and the black and white colour scheme.  They are priced at £18 each.  There’s also a cup in the same range for your tea and those are £12 each.

For other home design furnishing options then check out FADS for inspiration.

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