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Introducing The Award Winning Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser

These days a hand sanitiser is a must have for most parents, for on-the-go germ zapping.  But could these products designed to protect you and your family actually be doing more harm than good?  This is as a result of many mainstream hand sanitisers containing a cocktail of chemical ingredients to give this protection, including ingredients such as Triclosan and Alcohol which can strip and dry out the skin. Fortunately this is where Green People can help in the form of the Award Winning Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser!

The Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser is perfect to santise children’s sticky fingers, faces, toys and high chairs and leaves everything perfectly germ free! This handy product also has a fresh aroma of Citrus ensuring that your hands smell simply beautiful after usage.  As well as this the product includes Tea Tree extract for added antiseptic properties meaning that it cleans dirt, grime and germs with just one squirt, with it being easy to use as no water is needed. This product is a great ‘eco buy’ for families as you can get up to an astonishing two hundred squirts per bottle! Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser now costs just £7.45 reduced from £9.45 – making this product even more of a must have.

For more information on the fantastic buys that Green People produce such as organic skincare, bodycare and haircare products click here and why not treat yourself and your family to an array of beautiful yet eco-friendly products?

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