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Is my holiday sustainable?

December 19, 2012 by  
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tunisiaToday sustainability is topic that is taken more seriously, thanks to the long fight of various interested parties especially those from non for profit sector. We have all been witnesses to the bizarre and powerful natural effects that Earth is going through, much of it closely related to climate change.  There is a close correlation and evidence that burning our fossil fuels to power our economic growth and foremost travel needs, has contributed to global warming. This pressure on the environment has been felt on a worldwide scale and if awareness has reached you in any form you probably will be asking yourself: is my holiday sustainable?

Before you answer, perhaps is worth considering a few other factors that may tip the scales either way. We need to understand that sustainability is based on three important pillars that are broadly focused on economical, social and environmental benefits. The aim of sustainability is that current generations use all our resources responsibly so that future generations can enjoy them too. Finding the right balance between the pillars of sustainability is not easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

tenerifeSharing our resources equally is not an easy task but it can be done. Travelling is one way. This, not only enhances your experiences as an individual, but it offers the possibility to socially connect with others and communities. Some of your economical benefits you got from your country will probably be spent on your journey and will, if done in the right way, help the local economy. That is eating from local restaurants or even better buying fresh products from local markets. This are tips that all travellers can do and don’t necessary have to break their bank. In matter of fact you can book a holiday with any company out there, which offers you a good deal, and make that holiday a lifetime experience with rich memories, in a sustainable way.

It is always recommended that you learn as much as you can about the area, and travel agents are a great resource for that. Planning ahead not only gives you time to know your best itinerary in the resort but as well it may land you some good deals. For example Directline Holiday is doing a low deposit for holidays in 2013, starting from £25 per person, leaving from any UK airport.

If you are worried that your holiday includes a flight that emit a large amount of carbon, then you have to think whether this small sacrifice is worth taking for the local communities you are about to visit. Knowing full well that they may depend very much on visitors like you. This is a dilemma that has made some travel companies offer a “carbon offset” option for your journey and it can a good option to support nature with more and more trees planted from those schemes.

Author bio: is an expert travel adviser and has two Master on International Sustainable Tourism. He is a keen writer and blogs at Master in Travel.


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