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Jobs on the rise as environmental awareness grows

December 19, 2012 by  
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With the environment becoming a much bigger issue over the last few years, the need to make changes –some more drastic than others – has brought about a much larger need for people working in the energy industry, and more precisely, the renewable energy sector.

There are numerous areas that need catering for in regards to jobs and the industry has been a very encouraging job market since the overall need to improve the world’s energy sources and their efficiency.

The recruitment drive for energy jobs means that if you’re in the market for such a role, you could find yourself working in a whole range of areas that include jobs in the geoscience sector, hydrology, wind jobs and they could very well take you all over the world.

Wind jobs

The growth of manufacturing the likes of 5MW turbines has enabled many businesses to emerge and flourish. In some parts of the world, larger turbines are being developed and tested, which will only encourage the job market further. Jobs aren’t just available in manufacturing either, as such companies need support on various different levels that include PR, marketing and digital services.

Those in manufacturing will likely have to travel around, especially individuals working for more internationally renowned companies. There are many specialist sub-areas to wind power jobs, therefore it is usually as easy as seeing if there are any jobs that match your individual skills and going for them.

Hydrology jobs

Hydrology, or wave power, is one of the planet’s largest sources of energy and has been for quite some time now. The technologies that harness the power of water have improved vastly in the last couple of decades or so and have therefore allowed us to increase the amount of jobs available as the sector has grown.

More designs are incoming and so only more jobs can come from hydrology plants and is another sector that sees people working in all different parts of the world.

Geoscience jobs

Geoscience jobs and roles in environmental geoscience have been around for a while now as we have been harnessing the Earth’s resources for as long as anyone can remember. The jobs involve a lot of exploration and discovering how the planet’s elements can be used to power our vast amount needs.

Although not completely regarded as renewable energy, geothermal power uses the warmth of the planet and converts it into energy to the surrounding areas or just for a certain building or plant.

About the author: Sam writes for Earthstaff who offer recruitment in energy jobs, be it wind power, geoscience or oil and gas procurement jobs.

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