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Lack of Vitamin D Bad for Health

There have been many reports recently in the media that a lack of Vitamin D is bad for our health and that a lack of daylight exposure can lead to serious illnesses as the British seem set to become more a nation of vampires than sun worshippers! Coupled with the highlighted concern about the rising incidence of skin cancer caused by over-exposure to the sun and with increased confusion over how much sun is good for you, the nation is at risk of causing Vitamin D levels to fall to dangerously low levels.

Simon Bandy, nutrition expert from Health Plus, says that Vitamin D is known to play an important part in the avoidance of serious illness including cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes (types 1 and 2) and depression. He warns that an avoidance of sunlight coupled with a Vitamin D poor diet and lack of supplementation will lead to more people suffering from these health problems.

As well as offering protection from a number of medical conditions, an adequate supply of Vitamin D has a host of other benefits including healthy skin, prevention of hair loss, good joint mobility and general mood improvement.

Food sources of Vitamin D include oily fish, eggs, liver and certain foods that are fortified with Vitamin D include some breakfast cereals, spreads and powdered milk, however taking a Vitamin D supplement will ensure adequate levels of this crucial vitamin.  Be aware though that small doses of sun exposure (within the recommended guidelines) are essential to our health.

Sometimes called the ‘sunshine vitamin’, Vitamin D is crucial for the proper absorption of Calcium and Potassium, aids the formation of healthy bones and teeth, and helps to maintain proper neuro-muscular function.  We all need a little help now and again, so if you want to make sure that you are getting the correct dose of Vitamin D, why not take the Health Plus Vitamin D Supplements?

Health Plus Vitamin D supplements are available in 2 strengths: Vitamin D 400 priced at £4.45 for 90 tablets and Vitamin D800, costing £5.95 for 90 tablets (3 months supply).

Available from, and at all good independent health shops nationwide.

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