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Luxurious Skin Care products from Jamela Skin Care

TGF are very found of Jamela Skin Care who are the creators of superior water gel crystal facial masks and are the world’s leading brand in mineral collagen face masks. Jamela Skin Care conduct research and their development team are permanently committed to producing ethical skin care using the latest technologies to deliver a top quality, professional product that will improve the condition of the skin. TGF have selected their favourite products which are available from Jamela Skin Care now!
1.The Ginseng Anti-Ageing Night Gel Face MaskThe anti-ageing properties in Ginseng Extract help to exfoliate the skin, having a soothing effect on rough and peeling skin. The Ginseng essential oil contains ginsenosides, amino acids, vitamins and natural minerals that help to maintain the vitality, elasticity and regenerate mature skin. Jamela Skin Care’s Ginseng sleeping gel is formulated to diminish the appearance of facial wrinkles by providing valuable moisturising action to the upper epidermal layers, this will leave the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised, as well as making the skin firmer, smoother and softer to the touch. This product costs £17.00.
2. PawPaw Anti- Oxidation and Whitening Night Gel Face Mask - Fermented Pawpaw (papaya) offers extensive benefits in skin care therapy, this skin whitening gel reduces wrinkles, nourishes the skin with vitamin A, which accelerates the formation of new skin cells, and exfoliates the skin. In addition this gel is high in vitamin C, which is an anti – oxidant. The betacarotene of the fruit protects the skin and promotes elasticity. This night gel is formulated for skin that needs to be renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Pawpaw night gel supplies essential phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and minerals to the skin to give a brightening and lightening effect. This product costs £17.00.
3. Lavender After Sun and Restoring Night Gel Face Mask - Jamela Skin Care Lavender night gel contains strong repairing agents which help repair skin from sun damage. These agents help to balance the moisture and sebum production of the skin. It encourages the growth of new skin cells which makes this the ideal gel for people with minor skin problems, wounds and irritation. The distilled water in this product is from a 700 meter deep underground spring, we use processing technology for the negative ion spring water, as well as helping to repair and moisturise the skin, it will diminish redness, lessen irritation and the anti-inflammatory ingredients make the skin look healthier. This product costs £17.00.
For more information on Jamela Skin Care click here and treat yourself to some luxurious skin care products!
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