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Make Your Business Green: Carbon Reduction Generators

November 12, 2012 by  
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It is becoming more and more important for businesses to showcase their environmental credentials. More often or not, companies need to display their sustainability strategies in order to win contracts and clients and therefore striving to be ‘green’ has never been more apparent in the workplace.

Did you know that over half of consumers prefer to buy products and services from a firm with a strong, green reputation? Not only does it have an influence on your prospective customers but it is also a determining factor in terms of employees. The study showed 80% of workers globally said that they would prefer to work for an environmentally ethical organisation.

If your firm requires a back-up generator to be in place in case you lose power, this can be very detrimental on your energy usage. Generators use a lot of energy and omit carbon emissions when they are running on an unlimited basis. Therefore if you have a piece of equipment set up to support your electricity needs, your business could be harming the environment by burning excess fuel.

So how can you make your business eco-friendly? Carbon reduction generators of course!

These are perfect because they offer all the power you need, when you need it, and they are also sustainable. It is possible to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint and save money with energy-efficient generators.

  • Fuel Saver Systems

Fuel saver systems are ideal and they can save you around £1,000- £9,500 per month depending on the size of the generator. Around 80% of all sites are operated by a generator on a continuous basis to provide heating and lighting but you could be using a considerable amount of fuel that is just wasted.

A smaller generator may be more economical so look at the generator you have in place and find out if it meets your power needs.

  • Carbon reduction generators

What makes them so different? They are specially made so that the diesel fuel supplied to the generator will be carbon offset. The carbon that is normally released is balanced, making it carbon-neutral.


What is your business’s environmental impact? Have a look round at your work now; are all the lights on and is heating on unnecessarily? How much energy are you wasting? The ultimate impact with be on your wallet, so think about the generator that you currently use and use carbon offset diesel.

This article was provided by Mather and Stuart, the UK specialists in carbon reduction generators. Reduce your business’s carbon emissions and visit the site today.

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