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Make your own kits

October 21, 2009 by  
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dinosaur_pumpbag(1)Lots of my friends seem to have taken up the bug of making things, whether it be accessories for the house or clothing there seems to be a big revival, so I thought I should check out what is available for you to make your own goodies.

Organic Applique Pump Bag Kit - Available from Mummy Made It for £14.95, you have a choice of 2 colours.

Sparrowkids Routemaster Red Bus - Available from Windmill Direct for £9.99.  This is a great gift to give a child.  They get to make a zany bag.  The kit includes instructions, felt, thread and a safety needle.

Bird Box Café Craft Kit - Available from By Nature for £14.99.  This is a great gift for any budding bird lovers, to help create their own bird box.

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