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Mobile Phone Recycling

December 16, 2010 by  
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Mobile phone recycling is an idea that you might not have thought of before, but it is a good way to make some money and lessen the harmful effect that disposing of old mobiles in landfill sites can have on the environment. Did you know that over 15 million people in the UK alone replace their mobiles every 18 months or so. There are several companies that offer a mobile phone recycling service. Of course it depends on the age and condition of your phone and prices fluctuate, but it is worth having a look and seeing what the best price is that you can get. Most companies offer free postage, so it makes life even easier. The simplest way to do this is to go to a price comparison site such as Recycle Mobile Phones which compares the prices from a number of different phone buyers with each having slightly different definitions. All you have to do is type your mobile make and/or model number in and see what value you are offered for it.

Our top three mobile phone recycling choices are:

Mopay – 97% of the phones that Mopay receive can be reused and reintroduced back into the global market after data wiping the devices to satisfy demand for mobile phones. In certain parts of the world like Africa, the mobile phone is fast becoming the number one form of communication because landline access is limited in certain areas and owning a mobile is the most convenient way to communicate and do business. Any phones that Mopay receive which cannot be reused are recycled in accordance to the WEEE Directive and are broken down for parts which can be reused – such as metals including copper, silver and gold. Any plastic casing is melted down and used for mouldings such as road cones!

Mazuma Mobile – Mazuma believe REUSE  is a key aspect of RECYCLING and do their best to promote reuse by making their programme attractive to use. They process redundant phones, which are then reused in developing markets such as Chine, Africa, Pakistan and India. Your phones can help in improving and developing communications in these economies.

Envirofone – As the name suggests Envirofone take environmental responsibilities very seriously. They believe in a sustainable environment and that is why reuse is always their first port of call in the recycling process with 95% of mobile phones being reused. In most cases they’re refurbished and sold to developing countries where they can play a major part in helping to develop communication networks. The reuse of mobile phones offers a valuable infrastructure in these countries. If a phone is beyond economic repair then it is sent to a recycling plant in the UK where it’s broken down and valuable metals and components are extracted. Envirofone strongly oppose electronic waste and as a designated waste handler take their responsibilities very seriously.

Recycle Mobile Phones pride themselves on being an unbiased mobile phone recycling comparison website, where prices are compared every day on around 14 of the top mobile phone recycling companies in the UK, giving you the best deal out there. Go on – have a look!

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