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Natural, Organic, Cleaning Products – To Use or Not to Use?

The debate goes on, should you use only natural, organic cleaning products in the home or not? Here at TGF we are obviously strong advocates for taking the eco-friendly, green route, making sure that household products do not contain toxins that could be harmful to both our family and the planet, but just how practical is it to clean the chemicals out of your everyday life?

There are plenty of non-toxic cleaning products on the market but these can be expensive.  If you don’t want to play American roulette with the health of your family here are a few hints and tips on how to incorporate some ingredients that you may already have around the home into effective household cleaning solutions.

White Vinegar – this is a great effective versatile natural disinfectant and can be used all around the house.  In the bathroom; soak showerheads overnight in vinegar to remove limescale build-up and clean taps with a mixture of 4 parts vinegar to 1 part salt.  Use a spray bottle to distribute vinegar around the toilet bowl to remove stains and spray on the walls and shower curtain to help prevent mildew. Use vinegar in the kitchen to cut through grease stains and eliminate odours.

Baking Soda – another multi-purpose cleaner and a natural ingredient that can be used both in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Keep a small bowl in the fridge or freezer to get rid of nasty smells, also useful to sprinkle in the bottom of your kitchen bin before putting a new waste disposal bag in. Clean kitchen surfaces by sprinkling baking soda on a damp cloth, wiping, and then rinsing with clean water. Avoid clogged drains by pouring 1/4 cup baking soda down weekly.

Lemons -these have natural antiseptic qualities that make them a useful natural alternative for cleaning and deodorising and they are also an effective agent to fight against most household bacteria. Remove odours from wooden chopping boards and countertops by rubbing the surface with a lemon. Add half a lemon to the dishwasher for sparkling dishes and glasses or combine 1 part lemon juice with 2 parts olive oil for a natural furniture polish.

Keep a healthy home the natural way!

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