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New Made in Britain Print Brand to Launch – Introducing Sara C!

August 6, 2012 by  
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TGF love discovering new clothing brands and we were very excited when we heard about Nature’s Edge debut collection from the incredible new fashion brand, Sara C which launches online on August 6th 2012! TGF could simply not wait to share this new brand with all our readers!
Born from the depths of the English winter countryside, Sara C’s debut collection is inspired by the sheer natural beauty of an untouched England – a picturesque landscape where nature whispers millions of tiny stories to those there to listen.The prints that make up this beautiful first collection have all been photographed or hand drawn by Sara, before being digitally printed onto 100% bamboo silk for a luxuriously soft, high quality finish. Graphic natural shapes are infused with bright washes of colour, reflecting the wild beauty of the English countryside as shown in the image to the right.

Sara C believes in producing high impact fashion in a determinedly low impact way. Coining the phrase “Bamboo Couture” to describe their truly organic, ever-evolving creation and production process, Sara C only use organic, natural fibres such as bamboo and peace silk and eco-friendly dyes. And despite spiraling costs, Sara C is determined to design, print and manufacture every piece in Britain for a collection that is inspired by Britain and made in Britain.
Launching with a range of tops and dresses each print  inspired by a specific aspect of nature: from sunshine dappled woodgrain to hydrangeas drying out at a London flower market. Every print is crafted to work perfectly within the shape of each garment before being placement-printed, hand-cut and sewn. The collection will widen later in the year to include accessories and homeware.
If you are excited just like we are click here and get ready to purchase your unique products from Sara C that you will fall in love with!
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