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OptiBac probiotics extra strength


We recently received a couple of packs of the OptiBac probiotics extra strength.  These probiotic capsules help you to maintain an overall good wellbeing.  My husband who is a lover of OptiBac products was very happy to get his hands on these and my teenage son who could do with a boost to his system has also been taking them.

The vegetarian and vegan friendly capsules come in packs of 30 which if you are taking one a day will last you a month.  The boxes have all the information on the outside of the box and a colour leaflet inside, so no worries on having all the information to hand.

Even my sceptical teenage son thinks he is feeling better and less lethargic since taking these.  My hubby who is always complaining of feeling bloated has been complaining less and I have had him look at this site which is a great resource for bloating tips not just based on probiotics, it gives practical and helpful information on how to reduce bloating, it is also interactive and encourages you to get involved and leave your own messages.

If you want to try some of the extra strength probiotics they are available from the OptiBac website and are priced at £22.49 for 30 capsules.

This is a premium probiotic which gives support for your digestion, immunity & energy.  Each capsule contains 20 billion live probiotic microorganisms, which are guaranteed until end of expiry.  Both my husband and son are in the middle of their first month of use and both are feeling a lot more energised and think it is due to the probiotics.


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