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Organic Fortnight Post: Dr Bronner´s Rose Organic Soap Bar

dr bronners organic soap barA friend of mine was lamenting the other day about the lack of soap bars to be found when visiting other peoples houses’.  She says that 9/10 houses that she had visited recently used the pump bottle soap rather than a bar.  We have both in our guest toilet, only because my hubby prefers the pump variety when washing his hands.

Anyway when checking out Big Green Smile’s website, I came across some fab organic soap bars from Dr Bronner’s, which I knew my friend would just love, and thought I would share them with you as todays organic fortnight post.

Made from Castille soap, they are blended with natural essential oils to give you the gentle fragrance desired.  Wrapped in 10% hemp-flax/90% post-consumer recycled paper from The Living Tree paper Co, makes them look very decorative and a great little pressie to give.

Available from Big Green Smile for £3.50.

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