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Our Favorite Products from Home Scents and Baby Scents

TGF are introducing Home Scents and Baby Scents which are a leading producer of premium 100% natural cleaning, laundry and toiletries for home and family… and TGF are huge fans and we think you will be too! Home Scents and Baby Scents create an array of products from Earth Friendly Bleach to Baby and Nursery products, all at an affordable price. All of Home Scents and Baby Scents products contain ingredients which are sourced with care, with these unique products being crafted with love in rural Northumberland containing only pure and natural ingredients. To give you a taste of what Home Scents and Baby Scents has to offer TGF have selected three of their favourite products from the company, Enjoy!

1, Baby Scents Organic Massage Oil – This product contains Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Virgin Olive Oil which comes either unscented or very gently scented with baby scents blend of Organic Lavender, Organic Rose Geranium and Organic Chamomile essential oils. We believe that massaging is a relaxing and bonding experience for both parents and baby ensuring that you can spend extra special time with your child. This product costs only £10.45!

2, Rose Scented Pashmina and Silk Hand Wash – TGF simply love this beautiful product which has been developed especially for hand washing delicate items ensuring that there is a very simple way to care for your treasured pashminas and silk shawls. This product contains 100% natural ingredients as always and scented with glorious rose blend of essential oils and costs just £9.50.

3, Truly Natural Bath and Shower Gel – This product is made from only natural and botanical ingredients to gently cleanse your skin in the Bath or Shower, leaving it delicately scented. The product is created from a blend of fragrant essential oils ranging from exotic Frangipani, Gardenia, Orange Blossom and much more!  This delicious product costs £11.65.

To discover more about Home Scents and Baby Scents click here and explore the vast array of brilliant products on offer now!

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