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Outdoor Game for the Summer Holidays

August 22, 2012 by  
Filed under Family, Kids & Teens

1926 Trading Company Ltd have an idea to provide some entertainment (and a little learning) over the summer holidays.  1926 specialise in wood flooring and their nature activity quiz called Park Adventurers is designed to help children  find out a little bit more about where the wooden things, which they see around them, come from.

The Park Adventurers Game covers the tree’s lifespan from seed, through sapling, to mature tree.  To play you just need to download a copy and take it to the local park.  The instructions are easy and fun to follow.   It’s worth taking along a pen or pencil, a crayon and some wipes with you.  A little bag to collect items in may be useful too.  Children are asked to collect leaves and seeds, etc. to attach to their sheet.

Whilst the game has been launched now in time for the summer holidays, it could easily be done at any point in the year as you can usually find leaves and seeds on the ground even in winter.


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