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Robinsons Fruit Shoot Smencils made from Recycled Newspapers

June 17, 2012 by  
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Doodle while you drink with Robinsons® Fruit Shoot scented pencils made from recycled newspapers. Kids from the ages 3-18 will love them, and older ‘kids’ like us are sure to like them too!

“Draw” children’s attention with these unique environmentally friendly Smencils®, the scented graphite pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper! Now an innovative product with special new scents has been created in collaboration with Robinsons® Fruit Shoots™

Smencils are perfect for birthday presents, party bags, and stocking fillers. How about giving them to the kids to reward their good behaviour or to encourage them to write? Each set contains five graphite pencils bursting with popular Fruit Shoot scents: Tropical, Orange, Apple, Summer Fruits and Blackcurrant & Apple.

Each Smencil is stored in its own biodegradable tube, guaranteeing freshness for two years. Fruit Shoot Smencils are very reasonably priced and make an affordable pocket money treat.

How about selling Smencils at school fundraising events or to raise money at the local charity fair? You can feel good about selling Smencils in the knowledge that they are an ethical and eco-friendly product.

It is always good to hear about companies manufacturing items that are better for the environment, and even better to know that we can teach our children about saving the planet in a fun and exciting way.

More information about Fruit Shoot Smencils can be found here.

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