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Save Money and Energy with a Dishwasher

August 9, 2012 by  
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Can you save money and energy with a dishwasher? Washing dishes has always been one of the least favourite jobs around the house! In fact, here at TGF we know of people who have put a dishwasher at the top of their ‘must have’ white goods appliance list over and above a clothes washing machine! The problem is that some us have been wondering if we are going against our green principles by using a machine to wash our dishes.

The good news is that far from contributing to the global warming problem, dishwashers are in fact good for the environment. Just stick to some simple guidelines and you will be doing your bit towards saving the planet.

Firstly, how do you choose the right dishwasher for your needs? Have a look at these dishwasher reviews to help you decide. For instance, a compact countertop model may be just what you want if you are renting a property and want to take the appliance with you when you move on. It could be that you have limited space in your kitchen but have a gap that would fit a slimline dishwasher perfectly; alternatively you may be looking to replace a dishwasher after many years of service.

What are the eco-friendly benefits of using a dishwasher over hand washing you may wonder? Dishwashers manufactured since 1994 use less water than if you were hand washing an identical set of dirty dishes because the water is recycled throughout the wash. Nowadays newer cold fill appliances means that only the amount of water needed is heated, using less energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Back to those guidelines that I mentioned above and there are just two simple rules to abide by to make using a dishwasher a more economic practice than hand washing. Number one is to NOT rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and number two is to only run the dishwasher when it is full and not half empty. There are plenty more hints and tips about how to save energy and money that will convince you that using a dishwasher is better than hand washing. Check out the  cost of managing a dishwasher and calculate exactly how much time, money, water and energy can be saved.

The good news for those of us who hate doing the dishes is that dishwashers are the environmentally friendly way forward!

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