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Seaglass Jewellery from Milomade

October 22, 2012 by  
Filed under Family, Grown Ups

Milomade is one of my favourite sites for browsing for handmade pieces.  Recently, I came across this seaglass pendant and I was intrigued as I had never heard of seaglass.

Seaglass is glass that was made in the Fife area, where Milomade is based, which was produced from local beach sand.  Any waste glass from the Fife glass industry used to be dumped directly into the sea. Over the years the sea and the weather has taken these small shards of glass and transformed them into beautiful frosted jewels. The edges have been worn down to smooth forms by the action of the tide.

Each of Milomade’s seaglass pendants is a one off because of the nature of the material used.  I do like the simplicity of this seaglass twist pendant and it’s versatility: it would go with any outfit.  Sterling silver wire is used to secure the stone and the pendant hangs on a dainty, 40cm long, sterling silver, snake chain.It’s priced at £68 and complementary earrings are also available.

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