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Seeded Gifts and Cards from Big Tree Little Tree

May 14, 2012 by  
Filed under Allotments & Gardens, Gifts

Big Tree Little Tree sell an innovative selection of cards and gifts. Their collection of cards and bookmarks all come with  seeded shape attachments, once your intended recipient has finished with their card or gift, they can then remove the seeded shape from the front of their card or bookmark, plant it in a pot and watch it grow.

This Grow Me A Flower Card comes in four different, traditional, flower varieties: poppy, daisy, violet and forget-me-not.  Each card contains an appropriately seeded shape that can then be planted to get some plantsof that type of your own.  Each card is priced at £3.60.

If vegetables or fruits are more suitable for the occasion or the recipient than flowers, then these recipe cards may be just the thing.  Each card offers a seeded shape and a delicious sounding recipe using the vegetable concerned.  You can choose from: cheesy courgette tart, honey roast beets, strawberry fool and tomato cream crunch.  They’re priced at £3.99 each.


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