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Sponsored Video: Challenge Yourself in the TA

July 31, 2012 by  
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Sometimes we all need a challenge in life! If you, or maybe someone you know, are looking for a new route to follow that will help to maximise your potential and kick-start a regime of fitness that will result in a healthier and happier lifestyle, then joining the British Territorial Army could be exactly the inspiration you are striving for.

As parents we are anxious to keep our children safe, but joining the TA could open up a whole new world that our kids may not have imagined possible. Initially, training takes place in Regional Units which train one evening every week and during weekends. Taking on new responsibilities can boost confidence and improve self-assurance that will translate to everyday life, both in the home and the workplace

The TA plays a crucial role in defending the UK, at home and abroad, and this opens up the possibility of travelling overseas to assist in emergencies or to help with operations where the United Nations (UN) are taking part. Soldiers can also be deployed as part of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) force or to any other multi-national placement.

Joining the TA can lead to a full time career in the British Army, and university students can take the opportunity to either join a Regional or National TA unit, or to join the Officers’  Training Corps (OTC). Working as part of a team and developing leadership skills are attributes that can be used throughout life.

If you think it is time to challenge yourself, to discover hidden talents and to learn new skills, take a look at this video or show it to someone who you think may need a bit of encouragement to join the British Territorial Army, or go to the British Armywebsite for more information.

This article has been sponsored by  COI.

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