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Step Back to School in Fairtrade Cotton

August 22, 2012 by  
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The Fairtrade Foundation are running an intiative this year to encourage us to buy school uniforms made from fair trade cotton.  It’s called Step Back to School in Fair Trade Cotton and you might want to bear the idea in mind while you’re doing the annual back to school shop.

As part of the initiative, The Fairtrade Foundation have been getting children and young people in UK schools to learn about unfair trade in cotton production .  They have been considering how their uniforms have been made and the impact their choice of school uniform makes on the lives of the people who produce the fabric.

The initiative involved pupils were asked to design a school uniform for the future, using Fairtrade cotton, with the winning design to be made up by a retailer. The 5,000 UK schools are taking or have taken part in the initiative by holding dedicated assemblies, fun activities and exhibitions about Fairtrade cotton to flag up their support for the initiative.

Fairtrade cotton school uniforms can be bought from Marks & Spencer, Tesco, online and as well as from dedicated uniform suppliers.

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