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Sticky Fingers Need an Organic Sticky Hand Sanitiser

Kids just love sticky fingers, or rather they love getting their fingers sticky! Now Mum’s can make cleaning hands fun, for both parties concerned. The new Green People Organic Sticky Hand Sanitiser comes in an easy to use pump that dispenses a light, bubbly foam. Rub the foam straight onto little hands, or even squirt onto a cloth to clean sticky faces.

The key anti-bacterial ingredient in the Sticky Hand Sanitiser is a Tea Tree extract which also has powerful antiseptic properties. Studies show no evidence of microbial resistance developing, unlike with Triclosan, the most widely used synthetic antimicrobial used in mainstream hand sanitisers.

The pump is handy for on-the-go germ zapping, and easy to carry around. What is even better is that there is no need to wash off or worry if the kids lick their hands because the Organic Sticky Hand Sanitiser is safe to ingest. Made with more than 96% certified organic ingredients the gentle citrus scented foam leaves even sensitive hands and faces super soft and is suitable for little ones prone to eczema. Organic Children’s Sticky Hand Sanitiser is a great alternative to mainstream hand sanitisers that use chemical ingredients such as alcohol which can strip and dry out the skin.

Perfect for days out and easy to use after every nappy change, the sanitiser is a great ‘eco buy’ as you get up to 200 squirts per bottle. Don’t think that the sanitiser is only for use on children though as it is a really versatile, multi-tasking product that can be used on adults, work surfaces, toys and furniture as well!

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