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TerraCycle Saves Ten Millionth Piece of Waste Packaging From UK Landfill

November 7, 2012 by  
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TerraCycle has reached a new milestone, after the recycling company’s fundraising Brigade schemes has hit the 10 million mark of the number of pieces of waste packaging saved from UK landfill. This has managed to raise over £133,000 for schools, charities and non-profit organisations.


TerraCycle was launched in the UK in 2009, and since then has provided nationwide collection programmes, giving individuals, schools and organisations the opportunity to collect unrecyclable waste that would otherwise be destined to go to landfill.


TerraCycle partners with a number of UK brands via their fundraising schemes the ‘TerraCycle Brigades’, which include:





*Ella’s Kitchen






Recyclable items include yogurt pots, toothpaste tubes, wrappers, coffee packaging, sachets and even items such as pens, toothbrushes, mobile phones, laptops and tablets.





The waste packaging can be sent using freepost labels which can be downloaded from

For each brigade joined, a 2 pence per item donation is made to the school, charity, or non-profit organisation of your choice.




Post-consumer packaging sent in is also recycled in to everyday goods such as watering cans and waste bins. This reduces landfill and extends the life of everyday waste packaging.


Over 475,000 people in the UK currently collect with TerraCycle which include:




*Community Collection Groups



For more information on the Brigade schemes, visit


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