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TGF Likes…Wonderoos Pocket Nappy Full Kit

June 4, 2010 by  
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Today TGF likes…the Wonderoos Pocket Nappy Full Kit.  If you are thinking of using reusuable nappies for your newborn, this would make a lot of financial sense to buy a pack like this.  Great idea to get a group of work colleagus or family members to each chip in and buy you this set, rather than receive lots of individual pressies that you may in reality not want or use!

The full kit includes:

  • 15 x easy to use one size pocket nappies
  • 15 x 2-in-1 booster inserts
  • 15 x reusuable wipes
  • 1 x pack of biodegradable liners
  • 1 x fully reusuable large wet nappy bag.

All you need to take you from birth to potty in a cost effective way.

Available from Natural Nursery for £229.99.

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