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TGF Rated Review: Alison Claire Remarkable

November 6, 2012 by  
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What is it? The Alison Claire range was developed to be suitable for those with sensitive skins and Alison Claire has sought out new natural hypoallergenic ingredients.

Who is reviewing it? Me.  I don’t have sensitive skin, but my skin can be dry.

Set Up Alison Claire makes natural beauty products that are not tested on animals and are all made by hand in Devizes, Wiltshire using only the purest ingredients.
I was sent samples of the rose geranium body lotion, lemongrass shower gel, lemongrass foot cream and mango body butter.

In Use The Lemongrass Foot Cream had a slightly citrusy fragrance. It’s a light cream and it’s easily absorbed.  I do usually use a heavier duty cream on my feet and this didn’t perform as well on my dry skin, however, it was very pleasant to use and did ‘wake my feet up’ after a long day.  The Lemongrass Shower Gel again had a pleasant, lemony scent and lathered up nicely when I had my shower.  Mango Body Butter makes a lovely, every day treat and left my skin feeling soft and smooth.  I loved the heady scent of the Rose Geranium Body Lotion and it’s the perfect choice after a long hot soak in the bath.  It’s a rich, nourishing cream that feels good on the skin and smells simply wonderful. The only point to note is that this is not one to use before a night out or any other time when you are about to apply perfume as I think it would compete with your fragrance.

Price and Availability
Prices start from around £12 and they are available from Alison Claire.

Overall  I liked the range a lot.  I did find that some products suited me better than others.  The two body moisturisers I tried were first class, but I found the lemongrass shower gel a little dull.  It’s clear thought that the products all use good quality ingredients.

Rating 4/5

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