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TGF Rated Review: Beeplenish

What is it? Beeplenish is a 100% natural beeswax based polish.  They make a range of polishes including furniture polish, weather wax, leather preserver and conditioner and shoe polish.

Who is reviewing it? Me, as I do the majority of the housework.

Set Up Beeplenish beeswaxes contain no turpentine, silicon wax, neuro-toxic petroleum distillates or other nasties.  Instead they are made from a blend of natural plant oils, carnauba wax and sustainably sourced beeswax and manuka honey from New Zealand.  It’s suitable for use on wood or leather and they have product in the range for use on each material.

In Use The waxes are easy to use: you rub a little on with a soft cloth and polish off.  It does take longer to cover an area than with an aerosol product, but I found the results were better.  Using the furniture polish on my coffee table really brought the grain out.  I got good results from the leather polish too – I used it on a leather chair and the leather looked noticeably better for it.  As the polishes use natural oils to provide scent, they do make your room smell fantastic without any sort of chemical smell that you might get from traditional cleaning products.

Any Negatives None.

Price and Availability Beeplenish is available from The New Zealand Honey Shop.  It comes in 220g pots, which cost £16.95.

Overall I think my furniture and leather goods looked much better for the use of the Beeplenish products and I would happily use them again.

Rating 4.5/5

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TGF Rated Review: Beeplenish, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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