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TGF Rated Review: Bio-D Washing Up Liquid

washing-up-liquid-1ltrWhat is it? Bio-D is an eco-friendly washing up liquid available from Big Green Smile. All raw ingredients in the liquid are plant derived and obtained from renewable sources. It comes in bottles containing optimum levels of recycled materials and the bottle itself can be recycled again when you have finished. Bio-D washing up liquid also contains vegetable glycerine to help keep sensitive skin in a supple condition.

Who’s Testing: Me, with all the washing-up that a family of four generates!

In Use: We have a dishwasher but we only use it once a day, so I usually do a few bowls of washing-up a day too. Just a couple of squirts of the Bio-D washig up liquid was enough to give me a bowl full of bubbles. It washed everything really well.  Very dirty oven dishes needed a bit of extra soaking but they came up clean in the end. It’s good to know that it’s a natural product because I wash a lot of my daughters’ cups and bowls and I hate the thought of them having any chemicals on them.I wasn’t sure whether the vegetable glycerine really would keep my hands soft, but it worked! I am always tearing my rubber gloves, so often end up washing-up without them. This can make my hands quite sore and itchy, but after a week of washing with the Bio-D my hands really are in rather good condition! I’m impressed!

Price: Bio-D Washing Up Liquid can be purchased from Big Green Smile, and is available in 1 litre (£1.80), 5 litre (£7.35) and 15 litre (£22.75) containers.  Big Green Smile also have great multi-buy offers on Bio-D. For example, if you buy 12 x 1 litre bottles, they only cost £1.65 each, and 2 x 15 litre containers only cost £20.70 each. Details of all multi-buy prices are given on the Big Green Smile website.

Overall: Bio-D is a gentle, eco-friendly, effective and very reasonably priced washing-up liquid. It is as good as my usual Ecover liquid and is cheaper too. I would thoroughly recommend Bio-D – I will certainly be using it again in the future.

TGF Rated: 4.5/5

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