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TGF Rated Review: Ecover All Purpose Cleaner v Flash 1ne for All

This is the fourth and last of my posts where Ecover’s new hard surface cleaning range are up against conventional products.  You can read more about this challenge in my first post of the series here.

All Purpose Cleaner 500ml new

What is it? The Ecover product is a new formulation of their previous all purpose cleaner and they claim that it is over 70% more effective than its predecessor.

Who is testing it? MeI’m cleaning the kitchen and bathroom this time.

Set Up You can use either cleaner neat or in dilution.  I tried them diluted mostly as there is no need to rinse then.

In Use Both were easy to use and equally effective at cleaning.

Any Negatives The smell of the Flash cleaner was a horrible artificial lemon one and I didn’t like it at all.

Price and Availability Both are readily available – Ecover’s All Purpose Cleaner costs £1.59 for 500ml.Overall It’s been great in all these tests to find that environmentally friendly products can clean as well, if not better, than conventional ones.  In this particular case, Ecover equalled Flash for cleaning power, but won overall for its superior scent and eco credentials.

TGF Rating Ecover 4/5 Flash 3/5

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