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TGF Rated Review: Method Powergreen Products

What is it?  Method have launched a some new versions of their cleaning products.  They have been formulated with naturally derived surfactants that work by absorbing dirt.

Who is reviewing it? Me.  I was sent the multi surface cleaner, kitchen cleaner, daily shower cleaner, bathroom cleaner and glass cleaner to test out.

Set Up The new powergreen technology formula come packaged in 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Each individual product has been optimized to tackle the dirt that each cleaner type needs to work on.

The spray bottles are easy to use and it’s a case of just spraying and wiping clean in most cases.

In Use I tested the daily shower cleaner out when we had house guests on an extended stay recently.  I didn’t have much time for cleaning so it was useful to be able to just spray around the bathroom each morning after taking a shower.  The cleaner doesn’t require rinsing and because it doesn’t smell like an nasty chemical (in fact, it has a ylang ylang fragrance), you can use it when there are going to people using the room afterwards.  I found it very effective and soon noticed the difference when I forgot to use if for a few days.

I’ve long been a fan of Method’s multi surface cleaner and the new formula hasn’t disappointed.  I use this cleaner all round the house and find it very useful and efficient.

Any Negatives None at all. 

Price and Availability The recommended retail price is £3.06 for a 828ml bottle for each of the cleaners and they are available from a range of supermarkets as well as independent stores.

Overall I liked all of the new cleaners: they were easy to use and did their jobs well.  It’s good to see continual development to improve a range of products.

Rating 5/5

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