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TGF Rated Review: MyClothingHelper

July 13, 2012 by  
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What is it? A way of tracking how often you have wornYou can place the MyClothingHelper on your hanger is labeled with the letter “C” for clean and is numbered 1-7 to count how many times you wear a garment.  It comes in a pack of 7 so you have enough for quite a few different items of clothing.

Who is reviewing it?  Me and my husband.

Set Up The idea is that you let MyClothingHelper track the freshness of your clothes by using the numbers as a cleanliness gauge. The intention is to prevent unnecessary washing of clothes that are still clean enough to wear, so saving your clothes, money on washing/dry cleaning and helping the environment.

It can also be used as a way of avoiding repeat wears of the same garment. You could use MyClothingHelper to track the last  day of the week you wore an item of clothing. The numbers 1 through 7 can represent the days of the week. If “1” is Monday, and the window reads “3”, then you know you last wore the garment on Wednesday.

In Use You place the loop on a hanger with a clean garment and set the card to “C” for clean. Each time you wear the garment, pull the card down to the next number.

Alternatively, if you are using them to avoid wearing the same outfit on the same day each week, then you use the numbers as the days of the week instead.

Any Negatives My husband used them for his work suits.  Whilst he recognised the issue MyClothingHelper seeks to address, he’s already worked out his own ways of dealing with the problem, and felt that they were easy to work with than remembering to use MyClothingHelper.
Price and Availability  MyClothingHelper priced at $9.99 for a pack of 7.

Overall I think this is something that could be useful to those who have a large wardrobe of clothes, particularly work clothes.  However, we didn’t find it very helpful as it’s designed to solve a problem we don’t really experience.

Rating  3/5

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