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TGF Review: Ecover Non-bio Laundry Gel

Ecover non-bio laundry gelWhat is it?

Ecover Non-bio Laundry Gel.

Who is reviewing it?

Jo, mother of two young children, who averages 1-2 loads of washing a day…

Set Up

Ecover is a brand that uses natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients. They care about the environment, but also understand the need for cleaning products that provide good results. This laundry gel will wash 18 loads (630ml), and claims to produce brilliant washing results by being tough on stains, with a gentle delicate fragrance that leaves clothes kind to your skin. It is made from recyclable packaging and is suitable for septic tanks.

I found the gel did everything that Ecover proclaimed. One of my daughter’s tops looked like something out of an old-fashioned TV advert, with 4 separate circular smears of tomato ketchup, paint, grass stains, and chocolate ice-cream. As I put it in the machine, I thought “yeah right, get that lot out if you can”! Well it did. This surprised me, from a non-bio product. And it was kind to skin too; my 9 month old son suffers with eczema, but he had no reaction at all.

Any negatives

Nope! And I’ve used it a lot now, can’t find anything to complain about.

Price and availability

This product can be bought online, and is currently on offer at EcoGreenStore for £4.69 (13% off).


A very effective laundry product that smells great, and is kind both to the environment and your family’s skin.

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