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TGF Review: Ecover Pomegranate & Lime WUL

What is it?

Ecover P&L WULEcover Pomegranate and Lime Washing-up Liquid.

Who is reviewing it?

Jo, mother of two young children, and a heavy washer-upper!

Set Up

Ecover is a brand that uses natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients. They care about the environment, but also understand the need for cleaning products that provide good results. This washing-up liquid comes in a container made from recyclable plastic, and claims to cut through grease effectively, producing sparkling results with a fine fruity fragrance. It also claims to be mild and therefore respectful to your skin. One squeeze should be enough for a sink full of dirty dishes. Let’s see shall we?!

Well, one squirt was definitely enough! It doesn’t seem it to begin with, but as soon as you start the bubbles really emerge. Don’t use more than one squirt! So, economical? Tick. Also a big tick to the following – lovely fresh fruity fragrance, effectiveness at cutting through grease and dirt on the dishes, and good value for money (see below). It did the job really well.

Any negatives

Erm…. No!

Price and availability

This product can be bought from a number of retail outlets, including Tesco and Waitrose, and can be bought for a very reasonable price of £1.50 (500ml).


A very effective, efficient and sustainable washing-up liquid, with a great smell, for a bargain price.

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