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The Baoli Wellbeing Guide

The Baoli, is a really great wellbeing guide to all things mind, body and soul and TGF is pleased to congratulate The Baoli on the celebration of its first anniversary. With over one hundred top brands that have been tried and tested, it’s the ‘must-go’ one-stop shop for inspirational wellbeing ideas and shopping. Whether you are looking for that special ethically made gift for a loved one or searching for a great place to visit for a wellbeing holiday, The Baoli will have the perfect solution.

Here are the top ten things you can do on The Baoli:

1. Discover new wellbeing brands

2. Find inspirational gift ideas. Browse through all the gorgeous gift ideas and bring happiness to someone really special on their birthday, anniversary or just because they are so special to you!

3. Access exclusive promotional deals

4. Review new wellbeing products & services

5. Win wellbeing freebies each month

6. Sing-up to their newsletter and get access to significant discounts, free services, last minute deals, 2 for 1 packages and other great benefits

7. Read ‘behind the scene’ interviews

8. Browse gorgeous seasonal finds. What’s the next best thing on the market? Baoli samples and compares the new arrivals and trends in search of good value for money

9. Visit wellbeing city guides

10. Join their wellbeing community on Twitter/Facebook

All the products and services meet with The Baoli code of holistic ethics, and because giving back to the community is a high priority for The Baoli they give away 5% of profits to non-profit organizations and charities whose work supports their commitment to wellbeing.

Baoli is the brainchild of certified yoga teacher Michaela Olexova. Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, Michaela has travelled the world and influenced by her travels, coming across many wonderful people, cultures and rituals, she decided to create Baoli and share her knowledge and experience with people who wish to find a way to a more healthy and balanced life.

For your Baoli experience, visit

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