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The Exciting New Range from Asquith London!

TGF have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new Asquith London clothing range to see what delights are available for us all to purchase this Spring! Here at TGF we are huge fans of the Asquith clothing label which offers Organic and Bamboo clothing designed for yoga, Pilates, or for simply living in.  The clothing label produces an array of clothing styles that are simple, well cut, classic and elegant.  The fabulous new collection is created from the softest and finest quality and environmentally friendly fabrics, which are specially chosen to feel great against the skin.

As with every range at Asquith London the focus is on quality, soft fabrics, style and comfort which are all enhanced by ethical values, helping you to feel good, both inside and out. The Spring collection is all about soft layering and flattering colours this being the key to Spring this year!

Click here to visit Asquith London online to browse at their most recent Spring collection, making sure to look at the newly created perfect pant which solves the problem of leg-length: the ‘Bamboo Tie Pant‘.  It’s soft and flattering, with ties which enable you to wear the pant loose, tied at the ankle, or tied at the calf or knee. TGF simply love it! The new Asquith clothing range cannot be missed as it exemplifies Asquith at its best!

Click here to learn more about what TGF makes of the fantastic Asquith London Clothing Brand!

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