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Tips for an eco-friendly weekend

A lot of people in the UK decide to book their weekend breaks abroad. However, if you’re planning a weekend away – whether with your long-term partner or with someone you recently met on – there are lots of eco-friendly options here in the UK. Britain has a wealth of beautiful natural reserves, from National Parks to stunning coastlines. If you are looking to make your holiday a green experience, keeping it local will help reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few tips on how to experience an eco-friendly weekend break.

eco-friendly weekend tips

Make the most of the British countryside

Get back to nature and spend your weekend appreciating the environment by hiking or cycling through a gorgeous location like the Lake District. The National Trust organises short breaks and offers plenty of information on where to visit and what to see. Instead of spending money on a hotel, why not make your experience even more authentic by setting up camp under the stars.

Indulge your love of fresh food

If you love fresh produce and are thinking of growing your own, why not gain some valuable experience by spending your weekend on a farm? From an introduction into growing organic vegetables to a full day cookery course, check out the Soil Association’s Organic Farm School for a catalogue of events across the country. If mucking in at a farm isn’t for you, why not base your break around a high-end cookery class instead, to learn skills such as cheese-making and baking your own bread.

Get pampered at an eco-spa

If you are looking for a romantic weekend retreat, then go for the greener option by trying out an eco spa. Many of these spas offer holistic weekends, where you can refresh your body through yoga and Thai chi classes, while calming your mind in a beautiful atmosphere. The Titanic Spa in Huddersfield, for example, was named the UK’s first eco spa, as it boasts plenty of environmental credentials. It offers a special package for couples, which includes a private mud chamber session, a relaxing massage and a glass of champagne.

Take part in a conservation holiday

If you want to do more than just appreciate your natural surroundings, you could get involved in helping to conserve them. Conservation holidays are growing in popularity and there are plenty of stunning nature reserves that run weekend trips. Become an assistant warden to protect wildlife, or help Trees for Life preserve our fauna. If you want to combine your conservation trip with an adventurous holiday, Lundy Island – owned by the National Trust – runs plenty of preservation projects, as well as being a great secluded spot ideal for hiking, canoeing and diving.

Let loose at a green festival

One of the great things about the British summer season is the variety of music festivals it hosts. Check out the ‘Greener Festival Awards’, which are based on categories such as waste and recycling, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and transport, to get an idea of which festivals are the most eco-friendly. If you already have a festival in mind, then take a look at their website, as most now have an entire section dedicated to their eco concerns, as well as offering tips on how you can reduce your own impact while you are there.

Make your lifestyle more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint – take a local weekend break here in the UK, and try to find destinations that promote a greener way of living.

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