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Top 10 Eco Toys for you to check out!

June 17, 2010 by  
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We are big lovers of eco toys here on TGF.  It is one of the easiest ways to do your bit and buy well made solid toys that will give hours of enjoyment and last for many years.  Below is our top 10 for June.

  1. Dinosaur Jigsaw – available from Sones this brightly coloured 1-10 dinosaur jigsaw, made from rubber wood that has been ethically sourced by a fair trade company in Sri Lanka is a perfect gift for a toddler.  My nephew has this and just loves it!  Price is £10.50.
  2. Taggies Naturals Rattles – available from The Organic Toy CompanyAs so many parents know, babies often adore playing with toys’ labels even more than playing with the actual toys!  So it was no surprise that Taggies’ fantastic toys were so popular when they first became available.  For parents who love the concept of Taggies’ toys, but prefer to buy eco-friendly or organic toys, Taggies have come to the rescue with their “Taggies Naturals Collection”.  Made entirely with certified 100% organic cotton, inside and out, and adorned with a combination of pure silk and organic cotton tags, both mother and baby will be happy with these lovely natural rattles.  They’re available in three designs: Puppy, Bunny and Bear, each in a choice of two colour schemes, priced at £12.99 each.
  3. Pattern Blocks – available from Great Green Toys for £29.99.
  4. Big Fairytale Princess Palace – available from Love Eco for £84.
  5. Solar Powered Model Biplane – available from ecotopia for £20.42.
  6. Organic Teddy Bear – available from Holz Toys for £27.85.
  7. Rainbow Wooden Stacking Conical Tower Toy – available from Greeneyed Frog for £14.99.
  8. Wooden Farm Block Puzzle – available from Toys To You for £14.50.
  9. Naturebag – available from Pea Green Things for £19.99.
  10. Fairtrade Racing Car - available from Eco Centric for £11.99.

Let us know your favourite if you have one!

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