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Top 5 Eco Friendly Homes

September 13, 2012 by  
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Using eco-friendly materials, procedures and equipment to protect the environment and save energy in your home is now more important than ever. An ever-increasing number of properties are being developed to preserve the earth’s natural resources and reduce pollution.

The result is that we’re seeing solar panels appearing on roof tops and wind turbines popping up all over the countryside. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building an eco-friendly society.

The Sash Window Workshop is a company with an eco-friendly ethos. They took the time to put together a list of the top 5 environmentally friendly homes.

1.The Orchid House

the orchid house

Image by The Dailymail

The Orchid house (2,200 square feet)  is nestled in a 450 acre nature reserve in the Cotwolds, England. The unique feature of the house is an underground geothermal heating pump, which produces more energy than the house actually needs.

It’s the most expensive green home ever sold; it was bought for £7.5million in 2011. The house was designed by London architect, Sarah Featherstone, to resemble the Bee Orchid that grows near the site, hence the name “The Orchid House”.

2.The Komb House

the komb house

Image by designboom

Designed by Karim Rashid, it’s no great mystery how the hi-tech komb house (built in Cairo) got its name- layered with wooden fins set at slightly different angles, it resembles an everyday comb. However, this komb has an eco-friendly purpose that filters sunlight into the house.

A skylight is the focal point of the house’s eco system. It allows natural light to enter the home. When it rains the water gathers in a plunge pool positioned underneath the skylight, which has a filtration system used to provide clean water for the house.

A kinetic sculpture that rotates is positioned between the pool and skylight to harness wind energy for the house. From energy efficient appliances, to rainwater harvesting, the Komb house is both aesthetically mesmerising and a true modern day eco home.

3.            The Cube House

the cube house

Image by

The astonishing cube house is equipped with many sustainable green systems; it has solar panels in several locations to harness solar energy, it has a reservoir with a capacity of 3,000 gallons that collects rainfall and filters it for reuse, and the house is controlled by a computer system which is designed to conserve energy.

4.         The Solar-Segment House

solar segment house

Image by


Designed by Stuttgart University’s Applied Sciences department, this glass house is designed to produce more energy than it uses. The outer surface is covered in solar panels; the fronts of which are covered by gold and bronze photovoltaic cells.

The house is split into four different segments that are joined together by air gaps with operable windows and doors that pre-warm the air in the winter and provide ventilation in the summer. An energy tower and phase-changing materials help the home easily move hot or cold air to where it is needed most.

5.         The Dome House

dome house

Image by

Designed by innovative and quirky company “Japan Dome Housing” the dome house is supposed to be the habitat for the 21st century; a dome shaped structure built from 100 per cent Styrofoam.

The choice of Styrofoam provides a number of advantages over traditional housing materials. It protects from extreme weather conditions and is resistant to both earthquakes and hurricanes!

It’s flame resistant and does not rust or rot. It also possesses excellent thermal insulation properties, resulting in higher energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs.

In time to come you may see yourself in one of these houses!

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