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Treat your pet ethically

November 24, 2011 by  
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I’m feeling a little guilty about our pets at the moment as we’ve just moved house and so put them through a lot of stress.  Life isn’t as comfortable or convenient for them at the moment as they are still getting used to their new surroundings and our cats are currently without a cat flap.  So I’ve been inclined to treat them a little to make up for all the changes.

Ethical Pets have a wide range of cat and dog products, plus a small animal range.  They try to source products in ethical ways and they have a detailed ethical policy on their website.  I like these Lupine Cat Collars which our cats have been using for years.  We’ve never had to replace one because of wear and tear, because they are made from the same high quality nylon that’s used to make climbing ropes.  Due to their sturdy manufacture they come with a lifetime guarantee.  They come in 3 colours: purple (which looks great on grey cats), red (which looks good on creams and gingers) and pink.  They also have a breakaway clasp so your cat can escape if it gets the collar stuck somewhere.  This works well and we’ve lost collars from the more adventurous of our cats occasionally because of this.  There’s also a small bell to warn off unsuspecting wildlife.  They’re priced at £6.99 each.

I like these pet bowls made from waste plant fibre material.  The Becobowls are dishwasher safe and designed to last for years.  However, when you are finished with them you can drill a few holes in the bottom and bury them in a flower bed to biodegrade. The raw material used is waste waste rice husks and sustainably grown bamboo, plus a smaller amount of amino acid resin.  Prices start at £3.99 for a small bowl and they’re available in baby blue, baby pink, light green and natural.

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