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Using my Remote Heating Control

September 10, 2012 by  
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samsungSo this is Summer?  Yes we have had a few nice days, some very nice days…..but what happened to the rest of Summer! Thankfully we have been gripped by Olympic fever so we have not had much time to moan about the weather and what it means when it is so bad.

Bad weather means we need to use the heating more, which means more cost and with the kids at home as well and being cooped up indoors you probably have had the heating on more than usual.  At TGF we like to promote energy saving ideas, which are good for the planet and for our pocket.

I have been travelling quite a bit this Summer and my Remote Heating Control which has been fitted at home for me by the British Gas team behind the User Reviews campaign has been a great help in helping to control my family’s tendency to stick on the heating when they feel like it and whack it up high!  I have been able to go online and set the temperature and the timings of when the heating should come on and go off and if they do play around with it I get an alert and I can re-adjust there and then from my Smart-phone or even by text.

The Remote Heating Control has been extremely useful for when we have all been away for a few days and so we turned the heating off to save money and conserve energy.  But on the day we were going home it was cold and so I was able to, with a quick tap tap on my Smart-phone switch it back on so the house at least had the chill taken off it for our return.

I am really enjoying playing with the app on my phone and exploring all the different features it can do.

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