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Utilising technology to become an eco-warrior in the home

November 12, 2012 by  
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eco homeOur day-to-day lives are being affected more and more by the advancement of various technologies; some vastly improve our lifestyles, whilst others use them to save money.

Another use for technology is to help the environment (which can also conveniently coincide with reining in costs) and this can be implemented in several different ways. With energy bills constantly on the increase, more people are having to look to other sources in order to save some money and help bring sustainability to their homes.

Renewable energy, for example, is what it’s all about and as said beforehand, there are a few ways to implement these around the home. Most are pretty obvious and some we can even see without having to enter a building, but others a little more subtle, but just as affective.

One the most obvious and effective technology is the use of solar panels which you can see in use on the roofs of houses and other buildings. As the sun is possibly the most abundant energy source we have available; solar energy is easily the best option to replace the grid as your source for electricity in the household. This is also a great method of heating your water too.

Another source that is also fairly ample in supply is the wind and so getting a windmill on your land could easily run the electrics of your home too and offers pollution-free energy generation. A windmill can be placed in numerous areas, with the most popular being on top of house or in the garden. Wind powered generation tends to be a lot cheaper than the solar powered equivalent, but admittedly aren’t as reliable.

Not a technology in the sense of the word, but furniture can play a big part in helping the environment (and your bank account), even some nice tables and chairs. Purchasing furniture made from wood sourced from sustainably maintained forests will certainly help out the eco system, with each tree chopped down to make tables, chairs and beds being replaced with a brand new tree in its place.

Purchasing solid oak furniture will ensure that you are bringing quality furniture into your home, furniture that will stand up to the test of time and won’t have you needlessly putting old dining tables onto waste heaps after just a year in ownership.

Speaking of waste, biosphere technology looks to be an option that is growing in stature and is the simple idea of turning waste into energy. To implement this, biosphere machines are used that use gasification strategies that warm up solid wastes to high temperatures and the wastes are then divided and converted into steam. Then, in a modern take on an old fashioned method, the steam is used to generate electricity.

This is a fantastic way to get two birds with one stone, in that you are effectively taking on board a sustainable method of generating energy, but also aiding your own and the planet’s solid waste disposal issues.

This was a post from The Furniture Market who offers the best in quality furniture made from sustainable wood sources, including such items as tables, chairs. These come in various styles, including oak furniture, solid oak furniture and mirrored furniture.

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