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What to Look for In an Environmentally Friendly Holiday for Your Family

August 6, 2012 by  
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eco friendly holidayWhen you take your loved ones away on a trip you might not automatically consider it as an opportunity to carry on with your green habits. However, nowadays there are some really good ways of doing this.

Think About the Travelling

Flying to the other side of the world to an exotic destination has its appeal, but it is a far more environmentally friendly idea to stay a bit closer to home. Going by road is better than flying and you might be surprised to see that around 3% of all of the greenhouse gases emissions come from planes.

Go Camping

If you stay in a hotel then you are going to use a lot of electricity and hot water without really doing much at all. A smarter choice is to go camping, as this is seen as probably the most sustainable form of tourism across the world. You don’t need to worry about roughing it out in the wilds though. You can enjoy family adventure holidays in the countryside but with all of the modern facilities and sporting options you could hope for. The Eurocamp website is a good place to find out the information which will let you choose your destination wisely.

Stay Close to the Attractions

Even if you follow the first two points you could still end up spoiling things slightly by travelling long distances to see the attractions your family is interested in. To avoid this you should do some research before you go and find out where you could stay in order to be as close as possible to these things. It is easy to do this on the internet now, so there is no excuse for not knowing all the details before you choose where to stay.

Walk and Cycle

Once you are over there, you will need to get around most days. Taking the local bus or a taxi is something which many people do without even thinking about it. However, walking or cycling can be more enjoyable and is a much greener method of getting around as well. Hiring a group of bikes is one of the best ways of letting your kids explore the area safely and feel as they are living a real adventure. While doing the research mentioned in the previous point you can also check out what local cycle tracks and walking paths are around your intended destination. Some parts of Europe are especially popular with tourists who want to get around in these ways, as they offer a wide variety of routes.

Use Green Products

You might use green products all the time at home but will you do the same once you are abroad? In truth, there is nothing to really stop you doing this. By taking away bi-degradable containers and hunting out environmentally friendly food in the local supermarkets you can carry on with your good habits while you are on holiday. By doing this you can take your family out on picnics and on walks without worrying about doing damage to the environment at the same time.

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