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What would your food tell you?

TGF are delighted by the news that Essential Trading  is putting its weight and support behind the Organic Trade Board’s 2012 ‘Organic: Naturally Different’ campaign. This campaign aims to highlight how organic food is different from non-organic produce – and is all the better for it!

The Organic Trade Board is rolling out a very humorous campaign that depicts organic fruit, vegetables and animals speaking to their non-organic counterparts and highlighting how organic food is not artificially produced with colours, additives or force feeding (something that many people choose to ignore). Its main tag line is “If your food could talk what would it tell you?” – what do you think your food would tell you?

“We are long-standing supporters of the Organic Trade Board and are delighted with their campaign for 2012,” says Eli Sarre, marketing co-ordinator at Essential Trading.  “The idea of raising the word ‘organic’ to the status of a badge brand has great potential and certainly figures are showing that the organic option needs to be reinforced once again,” says Eli.  “We totally agree that people need to recognise that any imperfections in organic produce are natural and wholesome and by highlighting the unnatural treatments of non-organic produce, we believe people will stop and think more carefully about their food choices.”

The ‘Organic: Naturally Different’ campaign is set to gather pace over the coming months, so keep your eyes open and pledge your support to the campaign. To discover more about the campaign and how to get involved, as well as learning about the importance of eating organic food, visit, and Twitter -@organicukfood for more information!

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